We are now offering a 20% discount on blood work for pets 7 years or older!

Did you know that cats and small dogs are considered "seniors" at 7 years old? Larger breed dogs however are considered senior even earlier, at age 5 or 6. Contrary to popular belief, pets don't age at a rate of 7 human years for each "dog" or "cat" years. Check out this chart for more info!

College Park Animal Hospital is offering 20% blood work for senior pets.Older pets begin to have health problems associated with the aging process just like humans do. With more frequent veterinary care, medical problems can be caught early and treated properly so your pet can live a longer, healthier life! That is why we are excited to offer 20% off blood work for sennior pets at College Park Animal Hospital.

For questions, or to book your senior pet's blood work, please call us at (301) 441-2547!