College Park Animal Hospital has been dedicated to providing the best care for pets in the community for over 40 years. Here is what some of our patient's families are saying:

"The hospital is and always has been a great place for our pets. We love you all and thank you for the great care you give."

- Nan and John Bender

“College Park Animal Hospital has provided me the opinions and guidance needed for my dogs since I moved here in 2002. Dr McMichael and Dr Beck have been with me through the aging and decline of 5 dogs and still provide the care for the two I have today. No matter what type of visit (general exam, shots, fecals, specific ailment, euthanasia), I know that their care and training will get us through in the best possible way. They have provided thoughtful input based on their experience and humane care of animals, when my senior or diseased dogs approach milestones like surgery or euthanasia. Most recently, Dr. Neri stepped in to assist with the end-of-life care for my terrier. Dr. Neri did so with such care that he clearly could have been practicing veterinary medicine many decades more than he actually has. This is a great practice where all focus is on humane and expert medical care and opinion. The veterinarians are able to diagnose many conditions and testing becomes more a verification process than the means of random testing. They care for us as owners, and they are devoted animal advocates while treating the sick. I am grateful to have care of this caliber in the community.”

- Marcia Brier

"I absolutely love you staff and they love our animals. They adored our beloved English Bulldog Redmond who passed suddenly this past September. We have now rescued another EB named Scallywag and again they adored her when we brought her this week for her 1st. check up with Dr. McMichael. We enjoy his company, expertise, his kindness when he was with us at the end with our Redmond he is the best !!"

- Regenia Campbell

"I always have a pleasant experience each time. I feel everyone there truly loves pets and takes great pride in caring for them."

- Rod White